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We are the TESLA experts!

black matte tesla front view

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Here at Z Tech we specialize in a wide variety of Tesla customization services. We are very familiar with every Tesla vehicle on the market even the newest of models that are in the earliest stages of release! We use the latest and greatest methods for precision and safety purposes alike. Since Tesla cars are completely electronic, it is essential for us to use products such as the Soak Shield absorbent rope and dash towel. Using these products allow us to minimize water contact with any parts of the vehicle not suited for it during the installation process. We know exactly what to be aware of and watch out for that could have consequences if not tended to by trained professionals.

We are known far and wide for our expert level window tinting of the Tesla Model 3 back window, Model X windshield, and Model y sunroofs – all done in 1 seamless piece! If you need your customize Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3, or Model Y by the best around, contact us today on any of our handles!

tesla coating interior

Popular Tesla Services:
Ceramic Coating
– Window Tinting
Paint Protection Film (PPF / Clear Bra)
– Chrome Delete
– Vinyl Wrap
– Rim Guards
– & Much, Much More!

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